Core rules

In Stardust we like to banter, but we would like everyone to maintain respect for everyone. You can make some fun of each other, but make sure you don’t hurt one another. Discrimination based on race, gender or sexual interest in a serious way is not allowed. Please refrain from using the names of diseases to describe situations or items, there are people who do not like it (examples are cancer and aids). There’s no need to wish bad stuff upon each other. If you have a problem with someone, contact someone in council to get some help and mediation. We understand that not everyone will like each other at all times, but keep it nice :)

Outside Stardust we also expect you to behave in a courteous way (pugs etc). We would like it if people can keep a positive image of our guild. If you engage in some fun, make sure that it is interpreted as such.

Everyone in the guild is allowed to participate in all guild events if they occur, except for raiding. For raiding you need to have member/collaborator/trial rank to be able to participate. If you would like to organize an event but you’re not able to put one on the calendar, please ask us for help.

Raiding rules

Stardust likes to raid with a roster that is exactly sized to prevent ‘being benched’ a lot cause there are too many people. People join a guild to raid, not to sit out raids cause there is no fun in that. To be able to continue this we need a high attendancy from raiders and have the following rules:

Raid invites start at 19.50 servertime, raid starts at 20.00. If you are late, inform us. Please try to keep coming late to raids to a minimum so we can start in time, there’s no fun in a whole team waiting for you to come onlline.

Raids end at 23.00 servertime. If you can not stay for the whole raid, inform us before raidstart about this and again try to keep this to a minimum.

There will be a break during the raid. Try to keep anything you need to do not related to the raid to that breaktime (raidtime is for example not dinnertime or walk the dog time).

You will be automatically signed for raids on the calendar. If you are not able to come, you can decline yourself on the calendar but please do this at least 24 hours before raidstart. If you have to decline more than 1 raid in a week, please inform us about this through ingame mail. If you’re not sure you will make it, please use tentative and inform us how big the chance is that you will make it in time or what time you would be able to make it possibly. Tentative is not meant for ‘if I have nothing better to do I will raid’.

If you don’t show up for raid while you are signed as accepted, you will be marked as ‘out’ on the calendar. Please inform us as soon as you can about why you weren’t there. If you don’t show up for multiple times within a short period without valid reasons, this can lead to demotion.

Funchat on ts is fine, except during progress or when we’re killing a boss. During trash you’re fine to talk about whatever you’d like really.

If you are on trial, your trial will last for about 6 raids. In the time of your trial you will mostly have someone in the guild coaching you/monitoring your performance. During the first week we won’t monitor your performance on numbers as closely because we understand that adapting to tactics/group takes time. Getting your membership therefore doesn’t automatically mean that we think your performance is great, but that we do feel you have a spot in this guild and that you’ll get there.

We expect from every member that he or she stays up to date with their class and reads up on the basic mechanics from every boss. Always try to be the best player you can be, and therefore we encourage you to use tools like logs to find ways to improve yourself if needed. If you’re not sure what to do better, contact us to get some help to find out or to get coaching from someone.

We also expect you to have the best consumables available to you ingame for raids, unless stated otherwise. Also make sure you have enough consumables on you before the raid.

In Legion we will expect raiders to make sure they get their appropriate legendary items that are dropping in the world for raiding purposes. This might not necessarily be fun, but it’s needed.

Lootcouncil rules

There are currently 5 people that are part of the lootcouncil, these are: Delphine, Oell, Kimdono, Avicus and Warrcraft.

If you want an item for your mainspec, you link your current item.

If you want an item for your offspec, you roll.

If you want it for transmog, you roll while stating it’s transmog.

For tier ‘upgrades’ you roll, but if you have warforged or a socket you won’t have priority over people that have nothing on their tier.

The lootcouncil tries to divide loot to the best of their knowledge, and to be fair towards everyone in the raid. There are several factors that will play a role in their decision:

  • Attendancy
  • Current gear (for who is it the biggest upgrade + overall gear)
  • Bis or not bis
  • Overall effort of the raider (effort in playing class + gear)

Other than that it’s member>trial>collaborator>OS>transmog

If you don’t agree with a decision of the lootcouncil, you can contact us. We’re fine with criticism, as long as it’s constructive. If you’re a ‘loothorny’ person who only cares about pixels, we might just not be the guild for you.